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After completing my degree course I pursued my favourite subject and most logical and secure career path, programming in the IT industry.

I've worked for companies building web applications and more recently worked for London web development agencies, again building online solutions including a major donation platform. I've never been a designer however. You may be able to tell? Coding this site is a good distraction for me, it's something I enjoy doing, it doesn't cost me anything so time wise it keeps me from spending on activities I might otherwise do, and, if anything it calms my raging thoughts and financial frustrations I've imposed on myself.

One thing you'll know about websites and apps though, is they generally need to look good and that's a problem for me. Being a non graphical creative type, I like text. So, for this site where I'm saving money to clear debts in the quickest way possible, going to a freelance designer or online service just simply won't cut it. This kind of rational decision making may seem obvious to some, perhaps to others it may be the crucial starting point in your own debt free journey. Realising when you can't afford something, you shouldn't use credit or loans to pay for things. I've been guilty of this in the past on more occasions than I liked to try and count.

My capabilities being limited, the design had to be basic. Can it get much more basic? Probably not but I think it does work. A series of arrows pointing in an upwards direction with a very familiar colour gradient from deep dark red up to the black. Sound familiar? When in debt or negative balances it's often referred to as being in the red isn't it, and a good positive balance would be in the black. Hence Black Friday if you didn't know, originally the day of the year when companies investments in product would be paid off on the run up prior to Christmas. The latter part of the year typically being where revenues turn into profits being celebrated by a discount.

Daves Debt Logo

So what do you think, a symbol of the journey from a negative (in-debt) position aiming for a positive, back to black balance?

You'll see it a lot on the site and Instagram if you use that app, so I hope you don't mind it!

Posted by David at 00:23

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