Frequently Asked Questions

The common questions and answers we have for Daves Debt, get in touch if you have an unanswered question.

Can you loan me some money?

Sadly not! As you can see from my current balance, I don't have money to give away. There are plenty of sites out there that do though. Ask again when the balance is postive and you might get a different answer!

You don't seem stupid, why the **** are you in so much debt?

I believe education in money matters is important but I'm not convinced that intelligence has such an influence in comparison to self restraint, self confidence in peer pressure situations and having the strength within to say No when you really want to say YES!

Isn't running this website costing you money?

Yes and no, I'm a computer programmer by trade so this site is largely just taking my time, the hosting and running costs are covered by the adverts and merchandise that occassionally gets purchased.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your account is very important to me and I take security very seriously.

Can I delete my account and all data you have about me?

Absolutely, there is no contract and you have full control of closing and removing your data from my server.

Are you ever going to get out of debt?

Definitely, I can't continue the rest of my life letting money worries ruin me, if you're feeling the same then I hope we can help each other.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, you can send me a message.

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