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You've probably already worked it out by now but just for absolute clarity, my name is David and yes I'm in a lot of debt :(

I'm currently 36 at the time of starting this website and I've been in debt since my university days back in 2000. It's taken me years to be able to put that out there, it's been circling my head in shame for the longest time.

I can remember when it started, I'd managed to successfully deliver newspapers on a Sunday to the wealthier end of town on a second hand bike that was given to me by my parents for my birthday. I used the bike for a few years but when I turned 16 and applied for my first job as a sales assistant in the local DIY store I was made up. I was suddenly on track to earning a few hundred pounds over the summer holidays, living it at home with my parents and not really having anything to spend it on. I decide a bike upgrade would be just the ticket, especially as I'd grown a bit.

The 1st bad financial choice of my life occurred, I decide to buy the bike at the beginning of the summer holidays so I could use it to get to my new job, on finance. I was accepted to have a store loan, before I'd earnt even the 1st pay cheque.

Fast forward a year and I'd paid off the bike loan and continued to do a few hours each weekend and a bit after school, this was the last time I remember not worrying about money. After that I was old enough to learn to drive, I had money to pay for lessons but not to buy a car. After passing my test in May and from that point till now I've been controlled by Visa and Mastercard mostly with the occasionally loan from HSBC and LLoyds sprinkled in.

So what you may be asking yourself, why am I releasing this information now? It's because I've literally got to the end of the line. I've finished uni, I've had a few jobs and slowly earned more money throughout my career but never fully took control of my finances. Instead, letting them grow along with my salary until this year, I've reached the point where the interest is taking all my monthly wage, and my girlfriend at the time, said enough was enough and said I had to leave and sort my life out, a fair comment I couldn't argue with.

So here I am, doing it for me and my future and for her so I can show her I'm able to change and take control, finally.

Posted by David at 23:50

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