5 ways to earn extra cash

When you're in debt, money management is critical but so is earning. Whatever you earn now, you can earn more.

I have a day job where I create or fix websites and online applications. As more and more people are learning to code or using systems that enable non coders to make basic sites themselves, finding consistent work for agencies, freelancers and contractors is getting more difficult. Earning a good rate for companies and individuals is getting harder, even if you're good at what you do there are plenty of people out there willing to do it cheaper.

Earning more money is something that everyone wants to do, whether you're young and in your first job, or you own a billion dollar company. Life itself is free but living is most definitely not! Even if you are debt free you still have to manage money going out and ideally have plenty coming in.

To begin my debt free journey I'm going to be putting to use the asset we all have, time. There are lots of ways of making extra cash each month. These are the first 5 ways I'm going to earn some extra cash going forward.

  • I've signed up to YouGov a website that allows you to answer surveys for points that you can convert to cash at certain breakpoints.
  • Another app that pays for doing missions is BeMyEye - it's a little more involved, you have to visit places and complete missions but you earn more from each task than you would typically doing a survery
  • AttaPoll is another paying poll survery app
  • Slice the pie is not specifically a survey website although they do occassionally offer surveys. It's more a watch/listen/review site that you can earn little bits from if you've got nothing else to do on the other survey apps!
  • One poll is recommend by Money Saving Expert, You can earn a small referral but you need to give all the email addresses to them to match up on registration rather than a link :(

How about one more bonus app that some might be able to take advantage of if you're like me with a few pieces of equipment you don't use all the time. Fat Llama lets you rent your cameras/drones etc out for cash. Or you can rent something like a camera for a particular occasion rather than saving up and buying it and then never using it again for months until the next family holiday or wedding. You can use this referral link for £20 credit too https://fatllama.com/r/dave-2d4ab.

To keep track of the earnings for my debt journey I've also set up a new Monzo account which is only going to be used to keep my side hustle money away from the day to day money and then each month pay what's in it to my highest interest earning debt. Don't have a Monzo account? Sign up it's a great app and earn £ FOR FREE!

Gambling is not something everybody likes and if you're in debt I don't believe paying to gamble is a good financial decision at all. That being said, there are ways to gamble for free, you may have heard about Matched betting? I'll cover that in another post but there are other ways to win money for free, as a bonus here are a few sites that you could sign up to that just take a bit of time each day but could lead to some nice little prizes if you're lucky.

  • Pick my postcode - you may have heard of the Postcode Lottery if you're in the UK. Well this is the free to play version. Enter your postcode and check the draws daily.
  • doblotto - sign up with your date of birth and each day a dob is drawn giving you the chance to win £50 or split it with anyone else who has the same dob and also remembers to claim a stake in the pot
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