3 easy ways to earn extra cash - the side hustles

3 easy ways to earn extra cash - Otherwise known as the side hustles. When you're out of cash and you want a quick way to earn some cash before payday, these could help

It's becoming more and more common for the majority of people that there just isn't enough cash from payday to payday anymore. As the world ever increasingly becomes more expensive to live in, finding some ways to last till the next pay cheque, for me at least, is becoming more and more important.

It might be that your budgeting well and just want some extra cash to help put towards additional debt repayments or into an emergency fund, all great ideas by the way, but whatever the reason, doing something is the only way to earn (unless you've got a brilliant scheme in which case fair play to you!)

Consumer surveys

So, onto the ways to make a little extra cash, first up is something you may already know about, customer survey websites or consumer survey websites. You spend an allotted amount of time answering questions in exchange for cash that is usually transferred via PayPal or a chosen retailer gift card like Amazon or Tesco.

Having recently signed up to a lot of these sites, I've found a few things. Some screen out a lot. This means you answer pre-qualifying questions before going into the real deal, or you might even get through the majority of the real deal and then because of the answers being given they decide you're not suited anymore. This seems to happen and you just have to deal with it however frustrating it might seem. With that in mind, I've had most consistent success with these two survey sites and the 'at location' customer survey task app, Be My Eye.

YouGov is much slower to offer new surveys but I've never been screened out and the points system gives you the ability to win more (if you're a bit of a risk taker). They also, so far, have been a reasonable and consistent length, not too long and relatively easy to answer.

Go Branded has a slick website but you do get past around the houses to lots of other survey sites and they can screen out a lot but they seem to have plenty to offer up so I've earnt the most, most quickly with this site.

Be My Eye is a bit different, you get asked questions once you get to a location (like a Boots store for example) but for the inconvenience they payouts are a lot better. This is ideal if you work or live in or near a highstreet.

Matched Betting

Yes this is gambling so if that's not for you I'm afraid you'll have to skip this one and perhaps look around for things to sell on eBay. If gambling is something you might have tried in the past or thought about doing, well Matched Betting is what you do if you always want to win!

Strictly speaking that's not exactly true, but let me explain. If you're new to gambling websites/apps (the best scenario) then there are lots of offers to incentivise you to sign up. This is where you can be guaranteed to make money. I'll write a dedicated post about how it all works but in essence, you make 2 bets in the first instance, which will then activate the bonus. Once you have the bonus activated you can calculate how much to put down to make sure you win. This can range from a few pounds, to a few hundred pounds depending on how much you can start with as a deposit. Given this whole post is about making some extra cash, that might be an issue to begin with, however, Matched Betting does work especially for beginners. It does get more tricky once you've used all the new customer offers on all of the betting sites/apps but it is still possible to do, you just get a lot less sadly after you're signed up.

If you want to get started you'll need a Betfair Exchange account and then choose another betting site like Betway and follow the instructions to get the bonus (at the time of writing you need to deposit £10 to activate £30 additional free bets).

Once you have a Betfair account and another bookies account, you need to find the same bet available on each, Football is typically the easiest to work with. You then choose a team, a bet for them to win with the bookies and against (lay bet) on the Betfair Exchange. The initial time you do this, you will lose overall. You then make the deposit back and more when you follow up the same process but with the free bonus money. That is how matched betting makes you money. For a more detailed guide, I recommend taking a look at this article on Save the Student

Using/Renting your tech

This one is a little more involved and potentially not as quick to get the cash but depending on your location and how much tech you have, can be a nice little earner. There's a relatively new site called Fat Llama that enables you to rent items you own for a daily/weekly/monthly fee. The value of your items is covered by their insurance so theirs no fear of theft or damages (providing the value of your item isn't over £25,000). Simply register, list your items and as long as they are competitively priced chances are someone will rent off you for a fraction of the purchase cost. You could rent out a games console, a DSLR camera, a drone or even cooking appliances.

If renting out your gear isn't your thing, then you've probably heard of Twitch. If you're a gamer you can get paid (if you can get enough followers) for playing, or you could record tutorials and put them on YouTube and begin to get a following leading to being paid for views.

Gaming not your thing? Perphas you've got a good eye for photography, you can sell your photos on iStockPhoto. Finally if you're doing all of the above or non, but have taken the time to read this, then perhaps you have patience and user testing could be a nice little earner for you.

Let me know how you get on, I'm on Twitter and Instagram or email me hello.davesdebt@gmail.com

Posted by David at 21:10

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