2 free lotto sites that giveaway cash for free every day

Amazingly in this day and age where you think nothing is free, there are these 2 sites that give money away for simply visiting them

Money Saving Expert has a wealth of information, offers and good advice about all matters of money. Amongst the nuggets of information I came across these 2 sites being mentioned.

You may have seen adverts (if you're in the UK) on the TV or online about the Postcode Lottery, where you pay to enter your postcode into a draw to potentially win millions. It's been around a long time and the odds, better than the National Lottery, are still not in your favour with over 2.4 million postcodes in the UK.

Thanks to a guy called Chris, there is a free alternative. Due to some legal issues it's now called Pick My Postcode. All you have to do is register and visit the site daily after the draw times (there are multiple throughout the day with different amounts available to win) and if you spot your postcode you'll be able to hit a button and claim your stake with any other winners of that postcode.

It's been running for quite a number of years now with a fairly decent size following but don't let that put you off, how long does it take to visit a site and click around a bit to see if you've got free money?!

Along the same lines, but a lot newer so a lot smaller user base is doblotto.com which as the name implies, you register, submit your DOB and if it gets drawn on any of the draws throughout the day, again you get to claim a stake in the pot amount.

Both sites don't take long to visit, both have referral opportunities and as doblotto.com is fairly new, the paid for competitions run on the site currently have pretty decent odds if you're into gambling, one member has won an Apple Watch for just £4!

If there are any other good free lotto sites I should know about, drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram or email me hello.davesdebt@gmail.com

Posted by David at 14:58

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