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If your not in debt and looking to make money,
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The sum of my mistakes

Balance: -£75,309.50

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2 free lotto sites that giveaway cash for free every day

Amazingly in this day and age where you think nothing is free, there are these 2 sites that give money away for simply visiting them

Daves Debt #davesdebt #debtbuster

3 easy ways to earn extra cash - the side hustles

3 easy ways to earn extra cash - Otherwise known as the side hustles. When you're out of cash and you want a quick way to earn some cash before payday, these could help

Daves Debt #davesdebt #debtbuster

Debt snowball vs Debt avalanche

Two common methods or guides to paying off debt are the debt snowball and the debt avalanche. Both involve paying off debts.

Make money right now!

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Zopa - Peer to Peer lending/investing

Have you heard of Zopa? Lend your money to others and gain the interest that banks would.

If you have more than £2,000 in a savings account, chances are you're not earning much interest right now. Instead lend your savings and earn profit like the banks do. Make your money earn real money. Make your money work harder for you and help others along the way.

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Daves Debt Instagram  #davesdebt debt money financial freedom
Daves Debt Instagram  #davesdebt debt money financial freedom
Daves Debt Instagram  #davesdebt debt money financial freedom

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